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What the yogis are saying…

When I signed up for what I considered at the time to be a solo adventure, I wrote to Christine that I had taken the plunge, and gone for it! While I knew this experience was one that I wanted, even needed, I could have never imagined what I would soon gain, the friendships I would soon form, the peace and clarity I would soon grasp, and just how great I would feel after soon spending a week in what I consider to be a small slice of heaven on Earth! Signing up for Christine’s Fully Alive Yoga and Adventure Retreat hosted at Blue Osa in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica was likely the best decision I have made in a long while and the best thing I could have ever done for myself this year! Christine brought a group of 24 unassuming, incredible people together in the most beautiful setting imaginable and led a retreat, both in and out of the yoga studio with such grace, enthusiasm, wisdom and encouragement -for a week straight! Really, every day was filled with pure enjoyment! After just one day in the studio, I remember oozing with joy at the thought of attending two practices with her daily! She is such a wonderful teacher and her practices were so eloquently tied into the overarching idea of becoming fully alive, seeking and sharing our true selves as well as taking from the practice and the week what we needed as individuals. Blue Osa provided for a place to choose our own paths for the week which meant doing what you want, when you want, eating the most delicious, vibrant farm to table meals, and soaking up the beautiful nature- from the warmest ocean waters to the lush greenery, to the abundance of wildlife which provided the noisy yet peaceful soundtrack to the week!

Something truly remarkable about this experience for me was that when it came time to saying goodbye and getting on a plane to travel home to the the imminent cold weather and begin work within the next 24 hours again, I was not anxious. I did not have that sense of sheer dread that almost always comes with leaving behind a vacation in paradise and returning to the ¨real world¨. Instead, I was beaming with happiness about what I had the privilege of experiencing over the previous seven days and nights and a renewed energy and motivation to take on whatever the following days and weeks to come back home brought on. How awesome is that?!

I look forward to returning to this beautiful place someday, but more so to attending one of Christine’s retreats and maintaining the meaningful connections I formed with her and the other yogis from our Blue Osa week! Thank you Christine and Blue Osa!
— Olivia Ruta
This was my second yoga retreat and first with Christine and Kelsey. They did a great job organizing and promoting the event and keeping the format varied enough for all yoga types. The site they chose in the mountains was amazing and the hikes they planned were exciting and out of the ordinary. There was an added surprise 5 minute mediation with our feet in the mountain stream followed by a silent walk that made that day extra special. I look forward to their next retreat!
— Elizabeth Fisher
My experience as part of Fully Alive Yoga and Adventure retreat was truly magical. Christine teaches a challenging, heart filled, meditative inspired yoga flow...her gentle touch has a healing quality. I felt stronger and more centered after this transformative week. I witnessed 20 individuals gel into one community/ family through our shared practices, laughs and adventures!
— Susie Lentz
I had the opportunity to attend a Costa Rican Yoga Retreat that Christine organized. I have never met Christine but from the beginning her warmness was conveyed over a phone call where she was patient and understanding in answering questions that I had. She even took it a step further and personally looked into dietary concerns I had with the resort. Upon meeting her there was a welcome smile and overall kindness. Christine is an amazing yoga teacher and was able to teach a novice like me while also challenge her advanced students. I truly enjoyed participating in her classes and learned so much in a week. Outside of our classes she continued to be present to all of the trip participants by having conversations and asking how we were all doing. Our group really became close in a short period of time and that can be contributed to Christine’s warmth, positive energy and support. This was a truly amazing trip. Life changing! I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience. Thank you Christine!
— Janette Fiorentino
What a beautiful, amazing, thoughtful, fueling retreat! Thank you for leading us and bringing us into community. I loved the hikes and appreciating our unique location, the yoga, the food, the space for connection, all so great! Thank you.
— Oriana Fowler
Sitting here writing my thanks to you puts tears in my eyes. It’s been a week since you put together the most wonderful yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

I decided to make myself a priority a few months ago and had no idea what that looked like. I knew it meant being uncomfortable and doing things out of my norm. I have struggled with jumping from relationship to relationship and avoiding figuring out who I am and what I want. I came to a point of feeling lost, alone and unhappy. Always putting others needs before mine and completely losing myself.

Making the decision to go on this yoga retreat was the best thing I could have done for myself. I have never experienced a yoga instructor like yourself. Your energy is something I can not explain. Your words throughout practice was everything I needed to hear. It felt like you were talking to me directly. I would lay in poses with tears in my eyes. You were so present the whole week and cared so much about the group and our journey.

I know we are all on our own journey of self discovery everyday but I truly look up to you and admire the passion and authenticity you bring to yoga. Thank you for reminding myself of my self worth and helping me feel empowered.
I will forever remember your words and practice.
— Nicole Burtini