“Christine genuinely cares about people and their level of practice and ensures that all feel welcome and comfortable taking her yoga classes. She will encourage and motivate me to push myself ... and watching her practice is inspiring. I love Christine’s honesty and humor in talking about herself and her own life struggles - which I can so often relate to and gives me those “oh, for sure!” moments. Her passion for yoga is contagious and she is a playful and incredibly talented teacher who reminds us to not compare ourselves to others, but to embrace our own strengths and abilities. Often, when I have had a difficult day, it is Christine’s beautiful smile and gentle voice that reminds me to focus on my practice, my passions and my priorities! Thank you, Christine for being an incredible blend of professionalism, understanding, kind temperament and compassion.”



"Christine is an incredible yoga teacher who does an amazing job of balancing being a heart centered and inspiring teacher with the practical aspects of yoga: knowing how to read and teach to a room of many different people and body types, safely guide people into poses, and being able to teach on the beach, in studios, privately or for large group settings and events. Christine's classes have helped me become more comfortable in my body and find peace both on and off the mat."

-Becky Rostkowski


“Christine Lentz is a wonderful yoga instructor - one of my favorites!  Her sunny, positive demeanor lifts me up, and her reassuring style encourages participants to try new things and not be self-conscious. Somehow she always seems to help me find just what I need each time, and I feel better after her classes.”

-Ashley Canady Slane


“Christine is a well rounded and excellent yoga instructor. She never fails to deliver a total mind and body workout. I've always been impressed with her ability to tap into the mood of the room and the individual to give them what they need at that moment. In my opinion, a solid yoga instructor not only focuses on the body but maybe more importantly on the little life lessons that yoga affords. Christine always ties the two together with insightful and thoughtful teachings. I highly recommend that you take her classes and retreats. You'll be glad you did!”

-John Chilton

"I leave feeling two things when I take Christine's classes: nourished and empowered. Her style, voice, and gentle assists make me feel safe, held, and loved but her classes are also playfully challenging. Her energy fosters confidence and reminds me to return into the world shining my own radiant truth. Christine is an amazing teacher. I love to practice in her energy as much as I can!"

-Morgan Rhodes